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Discover the Ultimate in Body and Mind Relaxation At our Blissful Silavadee Wellness Spa

Get away from your daily routines to discover a new Silavadee Wellness Spa, a truly unique spa design combining a back to nature concept with our beautiful location on the Gulf of Thailand. Blending ancient Thai and modern Western massage techniques, the beneficial treatments we have developed with our highly skilled therapists will leave you feeling totally relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Choosing from 5 private Spa Villas for your treatment, all your worldly aches and stresses will melt away. Embrace Serenity & Wholeness at Silavadee Wellness Spa. 


Silavadee Wellness Signature

Silavadee Journey 2 Hours 4,700 THB

Our combination of the best of Hawaiian and Ayurvedic Massages. Uniquely flowing strokes of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage will cover you from head to foot and back, wiping away stress and soothing those aches and pains. Brilliant for helping release all the built up pressure in modern lifestyles, this treatment will gradually go deeper and deeper until you are back to your original self. 90 minutes of tropical magic are followed by an Indian Ayurvedic warm oil scalp treatment, famously good for dealing with travel stress, jet lag, and your best choice to start sleeping like a baby again. 

30 minute steam optional (additional charge) 


Sila Wellness 2 Hours 4,900 THB

“Sila” means Stone, those wonderful boulders around you, inspired our choice of this treatment. We know that working and playing hard can leave you tight and sore. Get the relief you need with this therapeutic blend of deep tissue, sports massage, stretching and the tension melting magic of hot stones. Black volcanic stones exert their warming and grounding energy on all your trouble spots. Our expertly trained staff will get to those hard to reach places, release months of tensions, and leave you feeling relaxed and clear. 

30 minute steam optional (additional charge)

Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.


Wellness Treatment

Reiki 60 Min 2,900 THB

Reiki means universal or spiritually-guided life-force energy. Reiki is used as a method of healing illness and reducing stress through light touch or by placing the hands near the body in specific patterns. Reiki practitioners work to correct energetic imbalances in the body by removing toxic energy, improving health and restoring a person's energy levels. Passed down through a Japanese lineage, our staff are trained by a Reiki Level 3 Master. 


Yoga Class (Single/Couple) 90 Min 2,000/2,500 THB

Yoga helps integrate mind body and spirit. We are pleased to offer the services of outstanding local teachers to help you advance in your practice, or take this opportunity to begin a yoga practice of your own. All classes are customized to your needs and requests. 

Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.


Spa Package

Thai Oil Therapy 2 Hours 3,900 THB

This package combines the best of East and West. Start with a Thai Herbal Steam to relax those tense muscles, followed by a Traditional Thai Massage and finishing with a relaxing aromatherapy oil massage. 


Stress Relief Therapy 3 Hours 5,900 THB

Our most popular package. Starting with a Thai Herbal Steam, followed by a body scrub, a concentrated massage with our Back, Head, and Shoulder treatment, and ending with a Facial. Your whole body will look and feel great! 


Rejuvenating Half Day 4 Hours 6,500 THB

The perfect Half Day! Start with a Thai Herbal Steam, choose one of our Body Scrubs, continue with a super relaxing Body Wrap, then a body massage and finish with a pampering Facial. You will look and feel fantastic! 


Silavadee Honeymoon for Couples 4.5 Hours 12,900 THB/Couple 

This Celebration for the two of you will leave you glowing with rejuvenated skin, relaxed body and mind, and a great memory of being together. Start with Thai Herbal Steam, then a Body Scrub and Wrap, followed by a Romantic Jasmine Milk Bath, then a massage of your choosing and finish with a refreshing Thai Facial Treatment.


Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.



Silavadee Aromatherapy 1/1.5 Hours 2,900/3,500 THB

Relaxing strokes allow the essential oil blend of your choice to work it’s magic as you drift away. This gentle massage lets you enjoy every minute of your treatment and benefit from Nature’s healing plant essences. 


Blend Swedish 1/1.5 Hours 2,900/3,500 THB

Classic Swedish massage has been the European standard for 200 years. This authentic version will use the Effleurage, Kneading, and Percussion techniques that the Western world has enjoyed for health and stress relief. 


Therapeutic Back, Head and Shoulder 1/1.5 Hours 2,900/3,500 THB

We combine sports, Swedish, and Thai massage techniques concentrating on those places where you need it the most. Perfect for those tight and achy areas that are always bothering you. 


Ancient Thai massage 1/1.5 Hours 2,400/3,000 THB

The Ancient Thai massage using precise application of pressure to stimulate and balance the energy meridian lines of the body. 


Luk Pra Krob Thai Massage 1.5 Hours 3,500 THB

This uniquely Thai treatment uses aromatic herbs which are placed into cloth bags and steamed. The warm herbs are pressed into the skin after the therapist has opened up your energy lines with Ancient Thai massage techniques. The heat finishes the relaxation process and the herbs work their magic on skin and body. A must for any visitor wishing a Thai Spa experience. 


Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.



Indian Aryuvedic Head 1 Hour 2,900 THB

One of the most popular treatments to come out of India, this sensuous head and scalp treatment works to open the Marma points, release stress, and rejuvenate the scalp and hair. Wonderful for headaches, jet lag, and poor sleeping patterns. If you enjoy a scalp rub and blow dry at your salon, this is Heaven on Earth! 


Fantastic Foot Reflexology 1 Hour 1,900 THB 

This complete and therapeutic foot reflexology massage is promoted by the Thai Ministry of Health and popular throughout Asia. Your feet will feel reborn and the stimulation of the 26 special points will leave you more balanced and vital. 


In Villa Spa Services

The Ultimate Chill Out. We bring our spa to you, just call us! (Additional charge) 




Wonderful Extras

Thai Herbal Steam 30 min 800 THB

Thailand is a wonderland of healing plants and they make our herbal steam a tropical healing experience. Relax and sweat out your toxins as the exotic ingredients perfume the air. 


Romantic Jasmine Milk Bath 30 min 1,000 THB

This romantic milk bath, filled with fresh rose petals, creates harmony and an unforgettably relaxing sensation. It soothes the emotions whilst softening and nourishing your skin. Yes, you deserve it! 


Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.



Body Scrubs

Tamarind Smoothing 1 Hour 2,700 THB

This traditional beauty treatment uses tamarind fruit as a whitening agent to revitalize, nourish and exfoliate your skin. Evens the color of the skin. 


Lemongrass Salt scrub 1 Hour 2,700 THB

Deep cleansing and stimulating with natural sea salt to soften and clear the skin 


Antioxidant Green Tea 1 Hour 2,700 THB

Gentle antioxidant and antibacterial green tea scrub renews cells and will leave your skin smooth, healthy and soft. 


Ground Rice 1 Hour 2,700 THB

This treatment uses jasmine rice to gently exfoliate and revitalize the skin. It will leave your skin silky smooth and completely hydrated. 


Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.



 Body Wraps

Aloe Vera After Sun 1 Hour 2,700 THB

A pure and natural aloe vera gel, the best for moisturizing and soothing skin irritation. Ideal for calming heat from sun exposed skin. 


Firming White mud 1 Hour 2,700 THB

Honey and Yogurt, long recognized as health and beauty aids, are blended with Thai White Clay resulting in a creamy, nutrient-packed skin enhancer. This mask refines skin texture and provides nourishment. 


Thai Herbal Smoothing 1 Hour 2,700 THB

A smoothing body wrap utilizing Thai beauty secrets to detoxify and nourish. Revitalize your skin with Turmeric, Prai and Thai White Clay to enrich and soften. 


Antioxidant Green Tea 1 Hour 2,700 THB

Our gentlest choice for sensitive skins. Revive and refresh stressed skin while encouraging healthy skin renewal. 



Facial Treatment

Soothing After Sun 1 Hour 2,700 THB 

Especially for delicate and sensitive skin. This treatment soothes the skin and helps to calm and reduce skin redness.


Enhancing exfoliation 1 Hour 2,700 THB

A cleansing and purifying facial treatment for combination skin. Peel away dead skin cells and deeply nourish.


Ultra Moisturizing 1 Hour 2,700 THB 

A refreshing facial treatment to revitalize, relax and stimulate your skin. 


Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.



Salon Treatments

Nail Care: Treat your hand and feet with our relaxing spa manicure and spa pedicure. This treatment includes a nail scrub and cuticle care then ends with your choice of buffing or polishing of nails. 


• Spa Pedicure

• Spa Manicure

• Polish Change

• French (additional charge) 1,200 THB 

1,000 THB

400 THB

200 THB


Waxing: We offer waxing for specific parts of the body, carefully done using one of the best waxes to remove unwanted hair. 


• Full /Half - Leg Waxing 

• Full / Half - Arm Waxing

• Bikini Waxing (Line/Brazilian)

• Back Waxing

• Chest Waxing

• Under Arm Waxing

• Lip/Chin/Eyebrow 1,700/1,500 THB

900/700 THB

1,000/1,300 THB

1,600 THB

1,600 THB

600 THB

450 THB


Beauty: We arrange for the services of a professional beautician in the privacy of your own Villa. Please choose from the treatments below or ask us for any special requests. Perfect for a special night out, group celebration or wedding party 


• Make up

• Hair Styling / Blow-dry 1,500 THB

1,800 THB/1,500 THB


Natural Pricing. Tax and Service charges INCLUDED.