The Story of Discovery

Here at silavadee we are very proud and honored to share a very special story with you.

The story began back on the 13th April 2012, when one of our beach staff, Mr. Nong, discovered what looked like turtle tracks on our beach. Investigating he came to the end of the tracks and discovered that a turtle had came and laid some eggs. We immediately notified our General Manager, Mr. Conor O’Leary who coordinated with the Fisheries Department of Surat Thani province.

They urgently visited our beach and collected 87 eggs to incubate at Samui Aquarium. After the inspection, it was confirmed these eggs were from a Green Sea Turtle, which is currently on the endangered species list in the Gulf of Thailand and around the world. 

One month later it happened again, 15th May, 133 eggs were found on the beach in a similar place, we once again called the experts who came to collect the eggs this batch of replica omega seamaster eggs were also taken to Samui Aquarium for incubation. After inspection of these eggs, they were confirmed to be from a Hawksbill turtle, which was much more of a surprise as they are currently listed on the critically endangered species list around the world. It was then noticed that there had been no recorded Hawksbill Turtle nestings on Koh Samui Island for over 21 years.

Following these finds the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center (MCRRC) were informed and came to visit our beach. With educated calculations they were able to roughly advise when the next nesting should be. On the 26th May a team from Silavadee and from MCRRC camped out on the beach and were able to witness our mummy Hawksbill turtle slowly make her way up the beach search for a good location, carefully dig a hole and lay 147 golfball sized eggs. Then approximately  every 2 weeks and 4 more visits we were part of this wonderful natural miracle of life and we collected a total of 1,003 eggs from our beach. The last 5 nestings were moved to MCRRC head office in Chumpon province for incubation and expected to keep until 1 year old before release. 

However with the successful hatching of over 760 eggs the MCRRC were overwhelmed with baby turtles  and we were lucky to release 108 of these beautiful creatures into the Gulf of Thailand, from our private beach, where they had been  laid as eggs, to continue their wonderful story alone, in the breitling replica hope they will return back to our beach in 4 to 5 years time when they are ready to give birth themselves . We at Silavadee, are honored to be a part of preserving this critically endangered species and hope that this will be a reoccurring event for years to come as we maintain the natural environment on our secret beach. 

Due to the natural life cycle of sea turtles they only nest every second year and normally at the same beach. Therefore we are looking forward to our turtles coming back to nest on our secret beach next year 2014.